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Responsive Course Design

tila72000 Community Member Posts: 24
Hi all,

I'm currently testing the new Lectora Inspire trial version 17 for the responsive design. All my old courses were designed using Lectora Enterprise. How can I convert my old courses to a responsive design using the new Lectora? Do I need to re-adjust the layout and course settings in Lectora Inspire all over again?

I tried looking in the internet and found this: https://www.trivantis.com/blog/adjusting-older-lectora-project-responsive-course-design/

After trying this method and publishing the course, the course is not playing in mobile. Am I doing it wrongly? Appreciate your help on this. Thanks.


  • clammers
    clammers Community Member Posts: 117 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Could you clarify what you mean by "the course is not playing in mobile"? If your course is set-up for RCD, something should play (even if it's a jumbled mess.)
  • tila72000
    tila72000 Community Member Posts: 24
    Hi Clammers,

    Sure. When the RCD course is launched in mobile, it's only shows a blank page. Nothing else.
  • clammers
    clammers Community Member Posts: 117 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Interesting. S When you are viewing the course in Lectora, I assume you are seeing something when you switch between the different views, correct?
  • tila72000
    tila72000 Community Member Posts: 24
    Yes. I can see the contents when I play it in PC or laptop. I've event tried validating the SCORM files in cloud SCORM and no errors found. So, I really have no idea why I can't see the contents in mobile?
  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    If you share the Lectora.awt ( a partial version will do ) someone on the Forum for sure can check whether it shows when they try it. I converted courses from X6 up to 17 and they showed fine. Well, they showed some fixing was needed offcourse.
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