Communicating SCORM and results to Learndash


The learndash plugin for WordPress does not support SCORM though it does support tincan (which in turn requires an LRS). Is there a way that you are aware of whereby I can send scores to learndash or a learndash related gradebook or similar?

Thanks for any insights.



  • t_johnb
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    The Grassblade LRS also plugs into Wordpress, and is very inexpensive:

    Probably worth taking a look at. They also have the xAPI companion which will allow you to run courses from Wordpress.
  • mlapl1
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    Thank you very much John. That's very interesting. I knew about Grassblade but not enough. One of the things I find interesting is that they sell and LRS based on LAMP rather than Mongodb. I have installed Mongo and Learninglocker on my VPS but clearly I made mistakes as nothing seems to work. An LRS based on  php/mysql would be mush easier for me to deal with though I am not quite sure how much flexibility/space/speed would be lost through not using mongo.

    Anyway, installing the grassblade LRS will be an interesting start. Thanks again. That may all kinds of problems.

  • mlapl1
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    I have purchased Grassblade LRS and installed it - seems very nice.

    I have had an error reported (Error 400 Empty objectid) when trying to run this through the moodle tincan plugin - it happens once only in the initial connection (time is reported as 1970 - Unix epoch date :)  ).  Apart from that it is ok. I guess I will find a solution.

    The biggest problem I have is that I do not want to run through an LMS (or WordPress) but through a different system. I would therefore like to connect directly from Lectora to the LRS. I have read  and tried your launch application in the shared content area but it is missing the pdf describing how to construct a URL for the xapi LRS and the form and xml file that you have are not running for me (I must be doing something wrong). Anyway, I have left a couple of comments on the post. It seems to me that constructing the right URL will enable me to achieve what I need to do. Am I right? I do not mind the difficulty of constructing the URL - seems like a fairly safe choice (provided you get it right).

    Thanks for any help - your information has been very very useful.