CurrentTime variable

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I double checked the forum and didn't see anything that addresses this particular issue.

According to the description, the CurrentTime variable should display the time in "hh:mm AM/PM" format. However, when I set a text box to pull the variable, all I'm getting is the hh:mm.

I'm still running on 16, so can't speak to whether the behavior is the same in 17. "Worst" case scenario I use JS to get and format the time how I want it to appear.


  • wendymiller
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    Hi Jason,

    I just tried this in 16.2.2 and it displayed 5:40 PM for me when I previewed it in IE 11, Chrome, and FireFox. But I do see the issue you mentioned if I only use Run Mode.

    hh:mm AM/PM is supposed to be the default format, but you can change the format in Preferences > Publish Strings. It's the very last one in the list of strings.
  • jasonadal
    jasonadal Community Member Posts: 447 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    I'll make sure to check that string before I publish and test. I meant to post again before I left work for the day to note that I realized it was just in Run mode, but fine in the browser. I'm capturing the time a learner starts the course, as they need it for an activity later on.