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I'm relatively new to developing courses and using Lectora. We have one course that was developed back in 2013, well before I came on board. Today, one of my users reported the following error "Unable to locate the LMS's API Implementation. LMSSetValue was not successful." The course is on safe driving and the error happened on a page that asks the user to rate their driving abilities. I found the Lectora course files in my predecessor's files but I don't know enough to know what may have caused this error. I also tried the course myself on our LMS. I tried first in Chrome and it appears that the course has some flash running as it did not play. But when I switched to FireFox, the course played without issue and I did not see the same error. So I'm, looking for some assistance. What may have caused this error and what can I do to correct it? Thanks so much!


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    The inital error message happens when you run a SCORM course off your local drive.  It would end up happening when you open it and on every page.   The error shouldn't happen on an LMS.   Seems like you said it works fine on the LMS other than the Flash issue, which is unrealated.
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    I agree, the flash is unrelated, although annoying because Chrome is now blocking flash content by default.

    Well, the course worked fine for me but my LMS user reported the error and sent a screenshot. This error seems to come up fairly regularly for using taking the older courses on the LMS, so it would be nice to figure out what is causing it and what changes to make to the course to prevent it I've reached back out to the user to collect some data, browser version, etc. Would you recommend that I contact my LMS provider? Unfortunately, I have a feeling that they will turn it back to me and say check the course in Lectora.
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    You may want to double check your conformance level in Lectora to make sure the proper version of SCORM is selected that matches with the needs of your LMS.