Password strength with zxcvbn

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Has anyone integrated zxcvbn into a Lectora course? We want to build a course that helps learners build strong passwords, and zxcvbn seems like a far more robust option than we could develop in-house (and it's free!). I haven't tried it yet, and before I do I'd love any tips, pitfalls, etc. from anyone who's walked this road ahead of me.


  • mmallimo7819
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    Hey Stan,

    I took a look at that library and made a quick title showing how it can be used in Lectora.

    As you can see, I simply added an HTML extension with a script tag that includes the zxcvbn.js file.

    Then, I added the file to the Title.

    To see how it works, enter some text in the input box, and click the button. If you look in the developer console of your browser, you will see the object that gets returned from the zxcvbn library. You can take this objects and use it however you need with your title.
  • smiller7502
    smiller7502 Community Member Posts: 181
    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you very much!