On Click Go To Action Bug in Lectora 16?

rsy8724 Community Member Posts: 2
Hello All,

I have a pretty straight forward project where a user must click a button to proceed using the action "OnClick > Go To Next Page". There are animations happening while it is waiting for the user input.

However, there are instances that happen randomly and on different pages of my project wherein when the user clicks the required button, nothing happens. They must reload the page and try again, and after refreshing the page and clicking on the same button, it proceeds to the next page.

I think it is something to note that this instance only happens on those buttons with recurring (looped) animations on the same screen since those without recurring animations didn't encounter this problem.


  • wendymiller
    wendymiller Community Member Posts: 244
    Hi Rafferty Sy,

    I know of a bug that occurs when you try to navigate to another page while a Fade, Float, Fly, or Wipe "transition out" is still animating. Are you using any of those? From your description, it sounds like you may have found the same bug. I will ask the Lectora development team about the issue again in hopes that it will be fixed in a near future release.
  • rsy8724
    rsy8724 Community Member Posts: 2
    Hi Wendy Miller,

    Yes, those are exactly the animations that are happening on the pages where the bug occurs. Thank you for your input! :)

    I guess I'll just have to remove them while the issue is/will be addressed.