Multilingual Course

clewis2107 Community Member Posts: 43
How do you fine folks here handle multi-lingual SCORM courses?

Looking at the Chinese Tea example, it duplicates Chapters/Pages, but that, at least in my opinion, will not work for a SCORM based course since the tracking is based on the completion of all pages.

I would like to have three languages in one package so our LMS can handle this as one course, not three.

And the way I built the course(s), there are other assets outside of the pages which contain text that is translated.

I think I have a way using actions, etc to have this as one package, but wanted to get others viewpoint on the topic.




  • karen-jensen
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    Why don't you just put multiple AUs in your course then each will be tracked independently. You could have a page at the beginning of the course when they choose the language and are directed to the appropriate AU. Have you tried this?
  • clewis2107
    clewis2107 Community Member Posts: 43

    That is one possibility, but that won't solve all of my issues.

    I use subroutines, etc. throughout the course and not a fan of duplicating them if updates or other issues come up.