Authoring Tools used with CourseMill

shaizlip Community Member Posts: 5
What course authoring tools do you all use?  Our IDs are very set on using Storyline, but I am pushing Lectora.  Is this something anyone else is struggling with?  Any tips on how to bring the IDs on board with all that Lectora has to offer?


  • ahuneycutt2283
    ahuneycutt2283 Community Member Posts: 9
    We currently use both, but we leverage Lectora with our eLearning more than Storyline.  I feel like people gravitate toward Storyline because it feels familiar with its look and feel almost like PowerPoint. This can make it feel easier to learn.  However, Lectora is way more easier to learn than people think, especially if you take the class with Daryl.  It is very powerful and can do both simple and complex eLearning. I like that with Lectora if I can think it, I can do it. I would look at the contest entries on the community site to give as examples of what Lectora can do. I also feel like, they are two different programs for two different types of courses.  With Storyline, I can easily do a basic page turner quickly but more complex courses would work better in Lectora, especially because I like their Title Explorer better and the fact that I can create action groups.