Multiple actions on a hyperlink

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Is it possible to add more than 1 action to a hyperlink? For example: if the user clicks the hyperlink, video 1 has to be shown en video 2 has to be hidden. I already added an action to the hyperlink by selecting the text --> add hyperlink --> show --> video 1, but I can't find the option to add more than 1 action. I can't find back the hyperlink as an object in the title explorer.


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    What you want to do is use the "Run action Group" action on your hyperlink.


    Insert a group from the insert ribbon, add your two actions. And then when   you add your hyperlink "Run action group" will be one of the available actions

    To edit your existing hyperlink, right click on your hyperlink and hit "edit"


    Let me know if this solves your problem
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    You can add multiple actions to just about anything.

    Click your object (hyperlink) and select Insert > Action. Then, click your object again and select Insert > Action and another action will be assigned to your hyperlink. You can add as many actions as you want to a single object. Note: hierarchy does matter, so the first action you want to execute should we listed first, followed by the second or even third. You can drag the actions on an object to re-order in the title explorer. Or you can do it in the Action pane.

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    My go to is an action group but you can also attach multiple actions to the text block too.