Change document link AFTER publishing

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I hope I am asking this in the right section. I have a course where a button links to a web-based pdf. file. The owner of the file has changed their document structure, so the link now needs to change to reflect the new document location.
Obviously I could change the link in Lectora, republish and send the customer the new HTML folder.

Is there a way to access just the published page that contains the link and change the link (e.g. using notepad on the html page)?
If there is, my 2nd question would be : Is there an efficient way to know what page the link is on. (The HTML settings are set to convert to short ID-based names.)


  • clammers
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    You can go into the file structure - either locally or on the server, if hosted - locate the page that needs to change, and edit the HTML using Notepad (or another application).

    As to your second question, the best way I've found to locate a page with short ID-based names is to open the course and use the menu/table of contents to navigate to the page you are looking for and reference the page title in the address bar.
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    Thanks - this answers both questions completely!