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mallow76 Community Member Posts: 123
Really? A change in the CSS from green to blue and a couple of sections renamed.


(It's still painfully slow to use.)


  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    Hi Mallow76! The change from green to blue is definitely the most obvious. Other user-requested changes we made include setting it so that profiles default to the profile tab and your portfolio tab now also features anything you submitted to the Share section and contest entries, so you can really show off your work!

    We made a few other updates to improve the user experience, like upload size warnings for share and Lectora® contest material, and easier to read text and links. I know these aren't the fanciest sounding updates, but we hope they'll make the Community a place you enjoy using even more.

    To increase speed and reduce SPAM possibilities we made changes to the server configuration back in the first quarter of 2017. We're always planning further improvements and changes, so feel free to message us at [email protected] with more suggestions for what we can improve.
  • mallow76
    mallow76 Community Member Posts: 123
    Thanks for your response Jennifer. I know that there were some other (minor) changes made. It just feels like there needs to be more done. Forum activity/traffic would appear to be at an all time low. There used to be loads of activity on a daily basis. It can go days now without a single comment.

    Without naming names, there are rival eLearning products that provide a vastly superior forum / community. Lectora (the product) and this forum are beginning to fall behind.