How to block go to the next page?

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I am a new user of Lectora, currently on version 16. I have been trying to identify an option allowing me to block advancing to the next page until whole page content is read / unveiled by the training participant. I have not been able to find on the forum post with a similar question. Thanks in advance fot your help !



  • timk
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    You can disable the button until the user has fulfilled the requirements to continue. Add an action to the button:

    On: Page show
    Action: Set state
    Target: This object
    State: Disable

    You'll need another action to re-Enable it, when all texts have been revealed.
  • mzawadzki3632
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    Hey Tim,

    thank you. Will give it a try today / tomorrow. hopefully it works :)
  • jasonadal
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    I'll piggy back on what Tim said and also recommend that you add an IF on the Page Show - If you want to allow learners to return to the page without having to go through the process again, you may want to add an action that will allow the Next to show if they've already completed the page.

    I use a variable that is increased by one each time an item is clicked:

    onClick - Add to variable (ie, clicked_item)
    onClick - Show next if "clicked_item" is greater than or equal to "x"

    Then you could add to the Page Show action Tim mentioned another IF that shows the Next button if the variable is greater than or equal to "x".
  • mzawadzki3632
    mzawadzki3632 Community Member Posts: 10

    Thank you both for the input. However I am still not able to enable this functionality. I added 2 actions as suggested, but still nothing. Can you please  take a look at the attached screenshot with full list of actions I have assigned to the button?

  • timk
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    Hi Marcin,

    here's a sample that enables the Next button once all textfields have been revealed. It also includes Jasons idea to only disable the button on the first visit of the page.

  • ebonomi8116
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    Exactly what Tim and Jason said.  I even built a page that had the learner doing about 6 things before the next button was available - you just create the variables and associated actions, and once the variables are met, the button can activate.  You will need to use the conditional statements for this.
  • ascott7223
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    If you have pages that don't have actions on them, just text to read, you could disinherit the next button, manually add it to the page, and set it to only show after a certain number of seconds.