How to turn off introductory VO when student returns to course homepage menu?

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Hello all and Happy Wednesday

I have a course home page with introductory audio and timed text.

The page contains a wheel of menu topic items. Each topic displays a status indicator checkmark after the student has completed the page.

There's a RETURN TO HOMEPAGE button in the lower navigation panel which the student can click on if they choose not to take a linear page-to-page path through the course.

The problem I need to solve is this...

How do I stop the introductory VO audio file from playing every time the student goes back to the home page menu wheel when they want to either move to another topic, or just check to see which ones they've completed?

Ideally, I'd also like to have the text reveal paragraph-by-paragraph when as the introductory audio plays, but I've removed all those timings for now and made all the text initially visible to simplify things.

Any thoughts? There must be a previous post on this somewhere (and I'll keep looking for one in the meantime), but if someone might have the answer, could you please share it with me here?

Thank you!




  • timk
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    You need a variable to save whether the audio has been played before. Add an action to the audio

    On: Done playing
    Action: Modify variable
    Target: Use the New variable... dialog to create a variable, initial value = 0
    Type: Set equal to
    Value: 1

    Uncheck "Auto start" (if you've used it) and play the audio with an action on page level. Add a Condition to the action:

    Only if "your_variable" "equal to" "0".

    A way to synch the display of the textfields would be to use events with the audio.  Click "Synch events" in the audios properties and "Set event timings" to open the audio editor and add events.

    You'll need more actions on page level to show all textfields If "your_variable" equal to "1" to show the textfields when the audio is not playing.
  • jvalley4735
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    I was going to suggest something similar to Tim or you could also look into using Chapter/Section/Page variables that would help you determine if a page has been not started, in progress, or completed by default.
  • jasonadal
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    What about an onShow for the audio player (or onPageShow if you're not using a controller) that stops the media IF the page is completed? I've used similar actions on Next buttons to show based on whether a page has been completed or not.
  • timk
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    A problem with the tracking status is that by default the page is completed On: Show, i.e. maybe before the play action is run. In my test it didn't work consistently. Using a separate variable should allow to specify exactly how long the audio must have been played before it's not played again.

    It would still be better to default the tracking status of a page to "in Progress" on show (if it's not completed before) and to "Completed" on hide.
  • gburt5283
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    Hi Jennifer

    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your assistance. I was able to work things out with a colleague using pretty much the suggestion you offered here.

    Best, Geoff