Feedback option in question of 2 choices

cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
In feedback tab, the Feedback Item text is the text of each choice if the option is "Individual Feedback by Choice" and there are more than 2 choices. If you have only 2 choices, Feedback item becomes Correct Feedback and Incorrect Feedback with the same option "Individual Feedback by Choice". It's very easy to think Correct Feedback target should be the correct answer feedback. Incorrect goes to incorrect one. If the answer to that question is B (2nd choice), you would link it to the wrong feedback since the text implies it should go to the incorrect feedback.
Sometimes we copy and paste questions and edit the questions and choices. When a question changed from more than 2 to 2. The Feedback Item name changed. It's likely for someone to think the link is based on correct or incorrect but it's actually the choice and its feedback.
I think it makes more sense to keep the same text like in choices more than 2, then there is no confusion.


  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357 looks like the feedback tab isn't recognizing the correct answer if you remove the answer and then navigate back over.  I'll have the development take a look.