Unable to use keystroke in offline publish

kevinelmore Community Member Posts: 162
Hello there. I'm updating an older Lectora project, and I think one of the recent updates may have rendered one of my keystrokes unusable.


A little history: We developed this course to be published as an executable because we asked the students to press various function keys that caused conflicts within the browser. The course worked fine in the executable, but it was the only course that required this, so we didn't realize that this changed until recently.


I published my course now to offline mode with the Lectora Viewer. Unfortunately, my keystroke for Shift+F6 is no longer recognized. Shift+F4 and Shift+F5 work fine. Shift+F8 technically works but requires a few presses, so I don't consider this acceptable. I do not know if this happens with any function keys with the shift key.


Is there a way to duplicate these key strokes? I cannot publish to HTML, and it is looking doubtful that I can publish to offline. I do not know how else to do this. This is in Inspire v17.0.3


  • lea-thompson
    lea-thompson Community Member Posts: 22
    We've confirmed this is a bug with the Offline publish options right now. They conflict with some built-in shortcuts that the LectoraViewer uses. It's been documented as a bug for our developers to investigate.
  • kevinelmore
    kevinelmore Community Member Posts: 162
    Thank you for the update. I'll hold off on publishing my content until a resolution is found.