Thank you!

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On Monday, I launched the curriculum I've been developing and flooding the forum with questions and want to say thank you for all the incredible help I've received. Without this forum and the input and solutions so many of you have helped me with, I never could have seen my design and vision come to fruition. Not only have you provided answers, but also inspiration and the determination to learn more.

You are all incredible resources and I hope that I can make it to LUC next year and hopefully meet some of you to shake your hand. If you want to see the fruits of OUR labors, the HTML versions of the courses are up at (I'm in the midst of uploading the final versions now, so you may not see them just yet).

I put this in this forum, since we don't (yet?) have a general forum for miscellaneous discussions.


  • timk
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    Congratulations! I've rarely seen someone starting with a project that big - Good Job!
  • klaatu
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    I'll second what Tim said. You earned some time off for sure.
  • jvalley4735
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    So glad our site is helpful in your endeavors @JasonADal :) You can always post general comments in the social lounge.  It's where any misc conversations are happening.  Here is fine as well since it points back to the conversations you've had regarding the project.
  • jasonadal
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    Sorry I missed the social lounge - I spend so much time here, it feels like a lounge :)

    And I am getting that time off starting tomorrow! See you all in a week :)