Styled check boxes don't work in Cornerstone

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I mentioned this at the LUC in Cincinnati and a couple people wanted to see an example. Took me a while, but here's one. When I upload this to Cornerstone, I cannot check the check box. It works fine at, but only the default check boxes will work for us in Cornerstone. Radio buttons, too.

It's obviously not critical, but I sure would like to use one of the styles. Any thoughts?



  • jv9926
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    Hey Stan,

    I have a couple of questions.
    1. What version of Lectora are you using? I ask because I noticed when I upgraded to the latest version of Lectora, I also had issues with check boxes (even if I wasn't styling them). I reached out to Lectora Support and downgraded back to Lectora 17.0.1 and the problem went away.
    2. What browser are you using? This works for me in Google Chrome.
    3. What Compatibility Mode do you run in CSOD? I ask because we set our default to 'IE10 Compatibility' and when I test your course using that compatibility it does NOT work. However, when I change Compatibity Mode to 'None', it works just fine. It also works in 'IE7 Compatibility' and 'IE8 Compatibility'. However, it does not work in 'IE9 Compatibility' or 'IE10 Compatibility'.
    I hope this helps you continue your troubleshooting. Reach out with any questions, I'd be happy to try to help.

  • smiller7502
    smiller7502 Community Member Posts: 181
    1. I have Lectora 17.0.4. I'm reluctant to downgrade just for this, but it's very interesting to know that something between 17.0.1 and 17.0.4 introduced this problem. That should mean there's hope for a fix.
    2. Company standard browser is IE 11.
    3. We use IE 10 compatibility mode in CSOD and have some courses that break if we set it lower. I'm not sure we've ever tested with "None".
    Thanks for your findings! I'll hope for a fix from Trivantis.
  • jv9926
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    It sounds like you have a similar setup to us then. We also have a company standard browser of IE11 and use IE10 compatibility mode due to some courses breaking if we use a lower standard.

    Good luck, I hope you are able to get this resolved.
  • jpadgett6619
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    Did anyone ever figure this one out? We are new to CSOD and the first Scorm course that we published loads fine and video plays but when radio buttons are selected on the quiz answers the check box does not activate to allow you to continue. using Lectora 17.1.5 and have the same results in IE 11 and Google chrome
  • smiller7502
    smiller7502 Community Member Posts: 181
    For us, using Cornerstone on Demand, the key was to set the "IE Compatibility" in the course catalog to "None" -- which turns out to mean "use IE as whatever version is installed".