Issues with content displaying properly in IE11 (but fine in Chrome)

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We are having issues with SCORM 1.2 course content displaying correctly in IE11. Chrome is not experiencing any issues with the same course, same content. The PowerPoint presentations are being imported into Lectora 16.2.2.

Examples of things inconsistently missing within courses:
  • Images
  • Shapes
  • Titles
  • Background Graphics from PowerPoint (Logo)
  • Page Number - (used Lectora 16.2.2)
I've attached an example showing the items that appear in Chrome fine, but are missing in IE11.

Logo, Title and some words are covered by the margin/buffer area of the image on the slide.

** EX:  the word "questions" on the attachment

Also worth noting, when the same course materials are imported into Lectora version 12 and uploaded, there is no missing content. Any help or advice would be appreciated!


  • awilkinson5553
    awilkinson5553 Community Member Posts: 5
    I have made the items that are not displaying at all in IE11 transparent in the attached example.
  • mnotermans5114
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    All these issues are related to the Powerpoint-Lectora conversion. For example... in Powerpoint the textblocks are as default setup with a 1 mm margin... that converts in Lectora to a Margin Size of 7. If you change that to 0 in Lectora all texts will be visible normally. Images being covered with a white block are happening because Lectora doesnot recognize the gradient shape created in Powerpoint and converts that to a white block.

    Lectora does a moderate approach of the Powerpoint when importing it. Not all Powerpoint options convert well, and as a designer/developer you need to be aware of that. You either have to change it manually in Lectora or ensure the Powerpoint you are using for import matches the cave-ats Lectora has at importing.

    In the group 'Designing Men and Woman' there was a discussion about Storyboarding and Lectora an Powerpoint.
    This was a link shared there by Jennifer Valley,
    But as i mentioned there are more things to watch. Best practice would be let your developer make a test-Powerpoint to which the authors should adhere. To ensure importing works flawless.


  • awilkinson5553
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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    That could address some of the PowerPoint to Lectora conversions with overlapping but in this example (see image) the Lectora component that is added "Page # of ###" does not appear on the entire presentation, in IE. On this particular slide, the entire menu does not display, two bullet items are missing, and the red square is also missing.

    The way this PowerPoint was designed is the phone is a background image. I have not noticed any other slides with issues, it seems to be very inconsistent.