Stop running an Action Group

switalba Community Member Posts: 88
Hello everyone,

I have a created an action group that loops to simulate a meter moving from one side to another. However when I click on a portion of the image I want to action group to stop looping. Does anybody know how this might be completed?




  • mdyer6171
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    Off-hand, what do you think about the idea of having two action groups.  When you click the button, it would check to see if there is a variable.  The variable being if the loop is on or off.  If the variable isn't there, it would add +1 to the variable, and run action group to run the loop.  If the variable = 1, then it would make the variable 0, and run the other action group.  Hope that makes sense, I'm still learning Lectora myself and what you can do with it.
  • switalba
    switalba Community Member Posts: 88
    That is a GREAT idea! I went ahead and showed other groups in front but the loop was still playing in the background which could cause issues with low bandwidth.  I'll try this and let the group know. Continue learning every day!