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Hello!  Has anyone found a way to schedule an advanced report to be emailed to all reporters in Coursemill, but have the report only display the students each individual reporter has access to?  When you select reporters in the email function it provides them the data for all students in the system, not just their employees.

Currently, the only way we have gotten this to work is to call each manager and walk them through scheduling every report we have created.  This is using up a ton of man hours and our manual way of doing things is actually quicker than calling our 1,000 employees to schedule each report. When a reporter schedules one of the reports we have created they do only see their people. We just need to be able to assign the report to all reporters at one time and not have them schedule it themselves.

Any thoughts?


  • ahuneycutt2283
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    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm not sure if this information is useful, we don't currently use advanced reports, but I do schedule the regular reports that are standard with CourseMill to team members. Plus, you might have already found a solution since your post.

    I'm assuming you're an admin and that you have rights to see everyone in your company.  When you make the report, it'll send the information out with everyone because that is the rights that you have set. That's why your reporters only see the people that have been assigned to them but your reports show everyone. It's basing it on your account vs their account.

    I'm assuming that advanced reports would have the option to pick suborg values, so you'll need to make an individual report based on the individual situation. Ex: Manager A needs to see Group A, you make a Group A report schedule to Manager A. Manager B needs to see Group B, you make a separate report for Manager B.

    I don't think with the way CourseMill currently works that you can schedule a report and it's smart enough to know who is viewing the report and take away all the excess.