Page Notes

struitt Community Member Posts: 137 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Can we make the notes more manageable please?  There have been more and more instances where I place a note on the page and then it 'disappears' off the screen.

There is the trick of reducing the size of the page to 25%, going to another page, then returning to the original page, only to find the note far off the page, but at least it can be moved back to the page before going back to 100%.

Lately I'm running across the issue of following the workaround listed above, only to find that the note is not visible.  This leaves me with a note on the page that is not accessible, causing me to make another page, copy the contents from the original page, add a new note, and then delete the old page.

SUGGESTIONS:  make an option that automatically puts the note icon at location 0,0.  This will ensure they are always visible to be clicked on and edited.  And/or, make the notes accessible/editable from the 'Notes Report' icon.