Publishing Error - Image Dates Modified to Older Date

dwarman Community Member Posts: 46
Hey all...I recently ran across an error in a couple courses I developed.  The error was images I created or modified were getting "date modified" dates in the 1980s.  I only found the issue (as I reviewed in ReviewLink, loaded to my LMS and tested in Chrome) because my users sent emails saying they could not advance the course in one and could not see images in the other.

Our default browser is IE11 (enterprise requirement) but I use Chrome because I run another LMS and it runs best in Chrome and I like to see the courses in Chrome as well...lesson learned, use IE for reviewing user courses.

Anyway...I did not understand why the images did not show but after looking in the SCORM folder, several images did not have dates and 1 had a date of 1985 as the date modified.  I pulled the images from the course, dropped back to Fireworks, clicked save as and then added back to the course.  The images had a current date modified now and when reloaded to the LMS, everything was fine.

What cause this to happen?  Why would Lectora change the dates or remove the dates on images upon publishing?  Is this something I am doing or a known error?

I am using V12 (have the last updates) and IE11 (users).




  • jvalley4735
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    I recently came across a similar issue with a customer who attended LUC17.  We searched through various aspects of the program and were told by the development team that Lectora shouldn't/doesn't update the date modified field. We ended up deducing the problem down to creating/editing a file in a location other than your desktop.  In her case, a company drive.  Are you creating/editing your files locally?
  • dwarman
    dwarman Community Member Posts: 46
    Jennifer...sorry for the late response and thanks for replying!

    This particular course was developed in-house but we did pull several images from Shutterstock.  We modified the images though so even though they came from outside sources, we used our desktop software to modify?

    We do have a "share drive" within our work division but do not think I have worked from the sharedrive, rather I pull the course over to the desktop to work on it.

    I guess I'll have to watch where images are edited/modified as I do some work at home and then load from disc to my desktop.  Interesting...I'll monitor to see where I made the error.


  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    If you continue to see the issue pop up I would submit your course via a Support ticket to our Support team.  They'll be able to drill down/share screens and hopefully help you out.
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