MoveTo Action Question

jsearcy Community Member Posts: 61
Hello all. Just a quick question concerning Lectora's moveto action. This works great for moving objects in straight lines but there seems to be no easy way (not without MANY actions) to move an object in a more natural way - like you can do with PowerPoint or Flash by moving it along a drawn path. Now I am curious about how other folks tackle this problem. Any ideas?


  • klaatu
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    Articulate Storyline 2, 3 and 360 all have motion path animation capabilities. We have been turning to Storyline more and more as of late. If you absolutely must stick with Inspire you'll have to use an external JavaScript library like pathAnimator ( to animate along a path. I also use the Greensock JavaScript Animation Platform (GSAP) for a lot of my animations.
  • jsearcy
    jsearcy Community Member Posts: 61
    Thank you Darrel. I was afraid of that. Unfortunately, I can't use outside scripts since they cannot be supported once I turn the files over to my customer. I've used Storyline2 and Captivate but my customer requires Lectora so I was hoping that someone out there had thought of a way to make animating objects easier and faster.  Maybe that will be part of the next upgrade.
  • jvalley4735
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    Unfortunately, multiple actions are the only way to achieve a "motion path" style development natively within the program.  It's been brought up a couple times to develop especially from a competitive development standpoint.  It's currently under investigation and on our list of possible future enhancements.
  • jsearcy
    jsearcy Community Member Posts: 61
    Thanks Jennifer. That would be great.
  • krodgers6170
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    Hi Jennifer,


    Any updates as to motion path enhancements?