Text disappearing when you zoom in?

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I've run into an issue where the bottom of a text block will cut off a portion of text, almost like a masking issue in Photoshop. This only seems to happen when you view a page at 100%, then zoom in/out. The issue doesn't seem to present itself as often if at all when viewed in Preview Page in Browser, but after publishing... I did some snooping with the DevTools and noticed some slight differences as well in one of the problem areas

You can see a small example here including what I saw with the DevTools -> https://ibb.co/ic3EWQ

I've also attached the workfile to this post.* I'm hoping someone can give me a hint on how to avoid this while allowing the client to zoom in/out(150% to 50% I think) without losing sight of content. I'm making up workarounds as I go to avoid the mild shrinking/growing text spacing issues but this "masking" problem is a real headscratcher.

Any help would be appreciated :)


* - Whoops! Can't attach the workfile. If anyone needs it I'll host it on Dropbox and share the link.


  • timk
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    By default Lectora hides and clips overflow. You could try to check "Vertical scroll". The scrollbar won't be visible until required.

    As far as I know the forum will only allow to attach images and .zips.
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    I have always included an extra line under all text in text boxes because of just that issue.
  • drigley6122
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    Thanks for the replies.

    A scrollbar isn't a great option here as it's just 1/5th of a line of text sometimes. It's not salways a functional issue as much as it's just a bit ugly when you can't see the tails on the letter g and y and whatnot.

    I'm adding in a line like you suggest, Approg but if I have a lot of text(3+ paragraphs) then there never seems to be enough extra space reserved for the text expanding. Right now my clunky and slow workaround is to break up large blocks of text and use the extra space at the bottom.

    If I figure anything else out I'll post here for anyone else with a similar issue.
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    Can you please post an awt, not a picture or video.
  • drigley6122
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    I've attached the file as a .zip.