Group within a Group

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I have noticed an eLearningBrothers template that has a a group with visual assets with another actions group in it. I have been trying to do this in Lectora, but can't seem to find the way. I think it is pretty good for organization.



  • timk
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    I've seen that in several ELB interactions...

    You can cut and paste or drag a group into another group, only (at least) in earlier version of Lectora this was not an advisable way to go. Surprising effects happened, if you did. There has to be something in the target group, either an object or an action under that the group can be inserted.

    @jvalley4735 Do you know or would ask the developers whether this is a reliable solution?
  • jvalley4735
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    You bet!  I'll get back to you as soon as I hear something :)
  • approg
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    I've been putting groups within groups for years with the only issue being that some elements within a sub group are sometimes visible when they shouldn't be. The "solution" is to explicitly set it on the element instead of just the sub group.
  • jvalley4735
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    The actual functionality of a group within a group is not currently supported.  While it is possible, it's actually created using a loophole within the system that's not reliable.  When pushed out the back end code is not actually there as far as page building, etc.  Which means that layering, visibility, screen readers, and mobile devices could experience a number of issues when running the course. The idea of including this functionality in the system has been on the development teams radar.  It actually came up again at the LUC 2017.  I know for a fact they're looking at including it into a future release.  As to which one, I'm not 100% sure.