Passing score and specific answers requirement

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I have a test with 5 questions with a passing score of 80%. Is there a way to have the user fail if he answers two specific questions wrong? Either one of them and regardless of total score.

I can't use the point value as all questions need to score the same points.



  • smiller7502
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    Certainly it would be possible. For instance, you could set a variable if the user gets either of the two questions wrong and test that variable after processing the test; if the score is 80% or 100% but the variable was set, the learner failed.

    But this strikes me as unfair to the learner. If you tell me that I need 80% to pass a five-question quiz, I get four questions right and you fail me, I will cry foul.

    What's driving the need for all questions to have the same point value? I've never found a reason to use the points for a question for anything other than what you're trying to accomplish here, or something like it. I might assign 3 points to the two questions the learner must get right and 1 point to the other three and require 8 points to pass, for instance. But it still would not be fair to the learner to tell them they need 80% to pass such a quiz.

    I would make two quizzes. The first would have the two questions the learner must get right, and I would tell learners they must get both of these questions right. The second quiz would have the other three questions, and I would tell learners they must get two of the three right.
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    Thanks for your reply!

    We found the method weird ourselves, but it's a client request. We've already given them some alternative options but if that won't work, it would be good to know how to proceed.

    We have a page in Lectora where it would check whether he had a passing score and both the questions answered correct and show the user a message. But what I can't figure out is how and what to send to the LMS after the test has been submitted and processed in order to change a potential passing status to fail status.

    Any ideas?
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    I haven't tried this, so no promises, but I think this should work:
    1. Create a variable to track whether the user missed either of the two required questions. (I'll call it "ForceFail", initial value False, retain value between sessions.)
    2. If the user misses either of the required questions, set the ForceFail variable to True. (If you allow users to back up in the quiz and change their answers, be sure to set it back to False if they get the question right.)
    3. At the end of the quiz, add actions to the Done or Submit button to:
      1. Process the quiz as usual.
      2. Modify the built-in variable TestName_Score to something below the passing grade IF ForceFail = True.
    You may also have to modify AICC_score.

    I really recommend against this, though. You'd essentially be falsifying data in addition to misleading learners.
  • idak
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    I agree but it's a special case, though we've already advised the client against it.

    Anyway, thanks again for your replies, I'll give it a shot and see how it goes.