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I'm creating a course that needs to be published to SCORM 1.2, and needs to work on phones as well as tablets and computers (landscape only, at least for now).  When I develop it, everything looks fine in all views.  But when I publish it to SCORM, the computer view is different than it was before making it responsive.  It's usable, but certainly not what I see on the Lectora screen.  I assume I've done something wrong, and I'd love it if someone could tell me what magic step I've missed.  Thanks.


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    Hi Janice,

    Currently in Lectora there is a publish option to "Disable browser resize of published content"

    That option should disable sizing to a lower view when viewing your course on a personal (aka desktop) computer.

    In Lectora Online it is not working exactly right. Currently it just keeps the view from switching while you are on the same page if the browser window size changes.  At load of each page it will update the view based on the width of the browser.  This will be fixed in LO 3.4 coming in July. By fixed I mean selecting that publish option will make it so only the desktop view is shown on a personal (desktop) computer.

    On Lectora Desktop/Inspire I am not sure of the current behavior.  The intended behavior is that only the desktop view is shown on a personal (desktop) computer.

    Hope this helps

    - Joe
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    Thank you.  That solved my problem.