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Hi all,

Has anyone had any issues with using certificates in RCD courses? I've been getting issues with layout when printing; It places the certificate to the top right of the page, instead of making it fill the page.

I'm also seeing some issues (which seem to occur randomly?) when the print preview opens and the settings box appears - most of the certificate is pushed off of the screen. The extent seems to vary depending on the browser, where chrome seems to be the worst offender (see screenshot).

Has anyone else come across similar issues? And if so, is there a fix to either of the above?

Thanks in advance,



  • timk
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    Hi Tom,

    this is no new issue. It happens when the "HTML Page Alignment" is "Centered". New with responsive course design is that you cannot left align a page any more in Lectora itself. But it can be done with javascript. Add a "Run javascript" action to the certificate page:
    var thedoc = getDisplayDocument();
    var thepage = GetCurrentPageID();
    thedoc.getElementById(thepage).style.left = "0px";

  • tallpress5887
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    Thanks for your quick response Tim.

    I've just given it a test (applying .js to the certificate page on a 'page show' action to run .js) and it seems to be stopping the certificate from getting cut off now, which is great, thank you :)

    The certificate is still aligning top right though - should the above fix left align it to the page?