Publishing Pop Up Message (ffdshow)

kporter1490 Community Member Posts: 1
I keep getting a pop-up message in an imported Power Point course when I publish the course to SCORM.  I have added a screen shot of the message.  The power point that was imported into the Lectora title had audio imbedded in the presentation.  I am not sure if this is why I receive this message.  I have also saved the course with a few different titles to see if that would help.  I have tried all of the choices (don't use ffdshow, use ffdshow, etc.) and not cannot produce the course that I can publish in our LMS.  I receive a 'File not found' message when I try to import the zip file.   This project is due soon.  I appreciate any insight and/or guidance and solution to this issue.

Thank you!!



  • shannon7305
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    Convert your audio to mp3 before you import into Lectora.  You have something on your system that has hooked into the codec and is popping up that message.  Also your publish will also be quite a lot faster by converting beforehand.  If you continue to experience any issues, please email us at [email protected]