videos jump left in tablet when navigating

jabc Community Member Posts: 26
I've just noticed that my mp4 videos jump left only in tablet when navigating to an adjacent page. I have popup text appearing from events in the videos. The videos and text look fine in desktop and phone views. When the video jumps left, it is actually moving to the correct x coordinate. When playing, the videos are appearing to the right of the set x coordinate, which is wreaking havoc with alignment with other elements on the page. In other words, the tablet is not appearing as it does in Lectora in a live environment.

Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? I'm assuming this is a bug...I'm submitted a Support Case with a video of my experience with tablet view, showing the video shifting left.


  • jabc
    jabc Community Member Posts: 26
    UPDATE: Without seamless play selected, the jumping issue with videos on a tablet is resolved. At least this is an interim fix for me! Thanks to Thomas Voss! @tvoss2968

    However, I think this is some type of glitch with Seamless Play option that will hopefully get fixed soon.