OnClick Play Audio on Mobile Not Working

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I have built a responsive title on lectora online and am having issues with the audio.  I change the audio from Auto Play once I found out that the mobile devices don't allow for this so I have created an action that checks for mobile or desktop at the beginning of the title.  When the user is taking the course on a desktop computer the pages have an on show action to play the audio.  If the user is on a mobile device a large play button appears that requires the user input.  For the play button the on click action is to hide the play image and play the audio...however the play image is hidden but the audio does not start.

I am not sure what I am missing here.


Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Carolyn,

    That should work fine.  One thing to check is if the audio can play on the mobile device.  Is the audio an MP3 and is it properly encoded for the device.

    There is one problem we know about that will be fixed by our maintenance release tomorrow.  If you have page status tracking enabled or are setting user variables on the page then upon first visit to the page a user initiated audio play action will not work. If you leave the page and return it will work.  This will be fixed tomorrow night with version 3.3.4.  You can check the version in the "Send Feedback" dialog under the help drop list menu.

    - Joe

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    Hi Joe

    The audio files are MP3 and they work sometimes so that may be the issue. I will test it out by going back to the pages to see if the audio plays and hopefully it will all work as expected on Saturday after the maintenance.

    Thank you
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    I have sent another message to support as this issue is still occurring. I tried to add a delay on the play action at their suggestion but it still occurs.

    After the user input of clicking the large play button, the play button disappears but the audio doesn't start. If I then click the "pause/play" button twice the audio begins however this is obviously inefficient for students and will result in technical issues if users want to take part of the training on a mobile device.
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    Hi Carolyn ... I looked at the title you sent to support and was very surprised to find that it is "not" working.  I took some time to tinker with it and I think I have a solution for you.

    The unique situation in your case is that you set the display of the audio to an image (A Play Pause Audio.png) and this is somehow causing the audio to not play (we will work on fixing that).  I did a few quick changes and was able to get your title working:
    1. Change the display for the audio to controller.
    2. Change the audio object to be initially hidden so it doesn't show.
    3. Add the Play/Pause image as an image object and put an on click toggle play/pause action on it.
    4. Ensure the on click play on the transparent-play-button is not on a delay, it's important that the user initiated action immediately calls play (set delay to 0).
    Well let us know if that gets you going, and we  will track down whatever the issue was with having the audio display as an image.  I've never seen that as a problem before so thanks for showing this to us!