Default Shockwave / HTML5 Player

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Several months ago, things were great for the agency I work for. The Lectora created classes had a great response from 5000+ employees. Now everything seems to be falling apart. I don't know if the Flash vs HTML5 is the cause of it. Sorry to steer from my question- we are experiencing many challenges.

I have created course with videos running from our server (embedded) in the course itself. I have also inserted YouTube videos. Both result in a media folder showing the player as Shockwave. Flash files are intermittently behaving poorly now. Will/can Lectora create/use by default an HTML5 player?


Is there anyone in this forum or know of anyone that is considered a "Lectora master" that can/will do consulting by phone (for any fee at this point)? This forum is great, and sending courses in to Trivantis have been helpful in the past. It would be great to speak to someone and be able to ask question directly. Thank you.