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This is a question for the Lectora team...not necessarily the group...

I am unable to create tickets on this web site due to our firewall so I thought I'd post here to see if Lectora can/does testing of their lasted versions of Lectora Inspire (desktop use) for corporations or government?

I work for the Air Force and anytime we want to upgrade to the latest version, we have to send a request to our software folks (big Air Force, not local) to test for security and vulnerabilities.  This process can take as long as 6 - 8 weeks to complete based upon where our request falls in the "Q".

Our software folks told me while I was inquiring about where they are in the approval process (version 17) that the vendor (i.e., Trivantis) could test the product for them...which is much faster to receive an approval. question is, who would be the right point of contact to ask this question?  I can get specifics on the testing process and what is required to have Lectora approved for US Government use but need a POC rather than post it all here.




  • klaatu
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    Hey Deron, did you get an invite to test v17 (testing closed now, obviously)? Why do you need a beta version, couldn't you just use a trial install? It's similar except you're not asked to provide feedback.
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    Thanks for the reply.  Actually, I do not need it to test, the Air Force has to test any software that is not on the approved list.  Since my organization was the first to bring Lectora to the Air Force, we are responsible for submitting the required documents and a trial version of the software to the testing center to check for network vulnerabilities when new versions come out.

    I am still on V12 since V16 included mobile capabilities and at the time, they were not authorized if using on an AF system.  This has changed for us since we have a commercial LMS now and can use mobile learning,.  So, I want to upgrade...not to 16 though, straight to 17!

    To do this, the Air Force tests the new software...but Trivantis as the vendor (owner), could complete this test each time they develop a new version and have it approved with the Air Force much faster than I can submitting it.

    Hoping someone could give me a point of contact to put in touch with our testing facility to see what the requirements are.

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    We too are using Lectora Inspire v12, due to AF acceptability. We are hanging our courseware on the ADLS server near you. We are in the final phase of course testing on the stage server. I was informed yesterday by an ADLS Production Programmer that big AF has approved v17. I have not had the chance to confirm that yet. However, as ADLS is still using v12, they would not be able to help us if we decided to upgrade to v17.