Move Action Publishing Problem

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Hello, I created a comic book template (uploaded for contest) and have run into a display problem. I created an action group that moves a transparent square and hand image across the page to simulate a page turn.

When I preview the course (all three options) the action works correctly and moves the images from right to left with no vertical movement.

When I publish the course, whether to HTML or LMS, the images move from the upper right of the screen to the lower right. This messes up the visual of the page turn.

I've included the lectora file and would appreciate any input on what needs to be changed to get the action to move correctly. I've only used the "move" action a few times but I've not run into this problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)



  • timk
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    I can't tell why it's happening.... But it works alright if the page turn image is full size and moves to x=-1010 y = 0.

    You could try in your version whether it works without "Seamless play"...
  • ahagen8213
    ahagen8213 Community Member Posts: 19 ✶ Headliner ✶
    Thanks Tim. Turning off the Seamless Play fixed the issue with the course as is.

    If I use the full page image, it works with Seamless play turned on. It's great to have both options. I like the look of the full image and am going to create it with the course background where the black border is, makes the effect more realistic and visually appealing.

    I really appreciate your time and help in improving the course!