Adjusting Message Display Window Properties/Location

kirkisbetter Community Member Posts: 19
I am creating a responsive course.  On several screens, if a user attempts to go to the next page before completing all items on the screen, I have it set to display a message advising that they need to complete all items.  In Desktop or landscape view (both tablet and phone), the message window is located in an acceptable place.  However, for portrait view, it doesn't show up where I would like it to, and sometimes some of the text is cut off.

Is there any way to change the size and location of the box in the various views?


  • jvalley4735
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    I'd use the system overrides.  Just go through and adjust the x/y and height/width and when published it should respect the placement within your device or browser.  The other option you have is to move the object to the correct placement and use the variable CurrentView as your condition.  If you need an example of this in action or to reverse engineer I would suggest downloading the Chinese Tea Culture course ( The Chaou Brewing and Gongfucha Brewing have pop up messages that are set to certain locations based on the device/orientation they are being viewed in.
  • kirkisbetter
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    To clarify, I was asking if there was a way to change the properties for a Display Message action.  I wanted to be able to use the standard action and not have to create separate text boxes as pop-ups (as in the suggested course). I think my best course of action will be to create a pop-up group library object that contains all of the items that I will need and then just update the text as needed (correct, incorrect, you must complete all items, etc).