Error while developing for Multilingual course

Hi Guys,

I am working on one multilingual course in lectora version "Inspire v11.1(8914)".

I have already developed that course in 22 different languages. Now I am merging all these 22 languages in one single “.AWT” file. We have added the language selection page on top of the title through which user navigate the selected language. I have added one chapter for each language under which there are numbers of section for different topics for each languages.

Now the problem is when I copy the chapter and paste for language no. 15 in that “.AWT” file and when try to save, it gives an error massage saying “There was an error attempting to save the file. The current changes have not been saved. Please try saving the file again.” Sometime resulting the Lectora software to crash.

And after some time, there is one more warning massage gives “Warning: Your Auto Save interval time is set too low”.

Now I am stuck at this point and couldn’t progress further. I have even increased the RAM of my system, but find no success.

Could someone please let me know if they have face similar problem and any workaround for it.

Thanks & Regards,