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robynmbp Community Member Posts: 6
Anyone know how to create a page transition that slides left when going to a previous screen and that slides right when going to the next screen?


  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    Hi Robin, well because you use L16 you first need to be aware that in L16 and before every page is a separate html. So what you then have 2 options to get something like this done in L16. Either you load a new page into  the old page and use some sort of transition on the show... or you build a one page setup, where you can define your transition any way you want too...

    Offcourse i tried both things before...and when you'r in control of the project and it is not too big both are good to do.

    Here are samples of both:

    a one page setup with a vertical slide of the page. Actual the original i got from this variant also has a photoshutter effect as transition too. Left that out here...

    A setup with multiple pages loaded into a single webview. Then transitions can be used on the complete page(s).
    When you change your transition on top... fade..slide..etc... you need to refresh the see it in effect



  • robynmbp
    robynmbp Community Member Posts: 6
    Thanks Math!  This is great!!!
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