Unable to create new variables

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For some reason I am unable to create new variables in Lectora Online. The variable box pops-up and allows me to click Add, and then enter a new variable name, but OK does nothing, I can't save anything. And then when I look at the Variables again, apparently new, default numbered variables are being created, like Variable1, Variable2, etc...


  • wheels
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    Hello Christina,

    If the add button is enabled and you can type in a variable name then you should be able to create a variable!  Does it work with simple names?  Did you try different browsers? Are you in a shared title, do you have a checkout?  Those are a few things I would wonder.  If you can send your scenario, a screenshot, and the answers to those questions to support we will take a look.  Thank you very much for reporting this, and very sorry for the inconvenience.



  • cmetzler2560
    cmetzler2560 Community Member Posts: 58
    Hi, yeah, something is wonky. It's checked out to me, tried both IE and Chrome. I can click Add, I can type a name, I can click OK, but then I get the message asking if I want to save, I click yes but nothing happens. I have to click Cancel to close out the panel. Every time I try this, a new default numerical variable appears in the list. I've emailed Trivantis, but I thought I'd leave a question here in case I wasn't the only one experiencing this.
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