Independent progress playbar

kraven7771 Community Member Posts: 50
I'm not sure if this is possible in lectora. If someone has tried to do this, and knows, that would be good.

I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to have a independent progress bar, that the user would be able to scrub on to move forward and back in a slide with video and audio. We're using a custom look, and don't want to use the playbar that's attached to the videos and audio.

The video and audio files do have triggered actions on them, so I'm thinking this might not be fusible since it has triggered actions.

If the video and audio didn't have triggered actions, would it be fusible?


  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    Yes, it is possible. Did you look through all of the skins already available?
  • kraven7771
    kraven7771 Community Member Posts: 50

    I already have a separate pause/play button from the video on the navigation bar. Trying to figure out how to have the progress bar on the navigation bar too, separated from the video.
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