Accessing Events in Audio File

dwarman Community Member Posts: 46
I want to access events I've added in an audio file but cannot get it to work!  I either A) don't remember how (fairly sure I saw this at the Advanced User Course LUC15) or B) it cannot be done (without custom script of some sort which I am not great with).

What I want to do is mark every 10 seconds of a audio file (this is done using sync and events with actions to update a single variable to change every 10 seconds the mark hits) so if a student leaves the page, when they return the audio file picks up where it left off, not from the beginning again.

Any helpful hints, tips or tricks to make this happen?

I have used audio (blank one) to call actions and show and hide items on a page.  But unsure if I can "call" the events specifically in the audio file to make the audio start/continue from the last mark?





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