Seamless still creating White Flash with background images

mcofield_08 Community Member Posts: 16
When creating a seamless course in Lectora 17, I still get the white "flash" between the transition of background images. Is there a way to transition them in/out so that the white flash doesn't occur? Or is there something I'm doing wrong... :-)

I've attached a test copy as an example...

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  • t_johnb
    t_johnb [email protected] Community Member Posts: 294 ☆ Roadie ☆
    A couple of things to note: If you run content locally in the Chrome browser (file:// is in the URL field at the top), seamless won't function because Chrome runs into local security errors trying to load the content . You'll see this in the URL bar, it will actually switch pages when you go back and forth rather than staying at "index.html". Also, IE 8 and 9 won't work with seamless in any mode, as they can't support the needed technology. The content runs in both of these cases, it just defaults to the way it ran in v16.

    That being said, yes, you can enable transitions between the page switch to give better looking page switches. Go to the "Design" tab and select "Page Transitions". Fade is the one I like most, but Some of the other effects can be good as well.