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jsu7943 Community Member Posts: 25
Hello all.
I need to help from your guys
I want to make a result page 2 test ( You passed the rest and You didn't pass the test)

I want to display a score with result page.

How to make to display a score in result page ?


Thank you for your help and answer



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    _ Community Member Posts: 84
    Hi Joe,

    This can be achieved by:
    1. Create a blank text box named "score" (as in attached screenshot)
    2. On page load, create a Change Contents action:
      • Target: "score" text box
      • Value: Assessment_Score
    You can also create page load actions that display the "Success" or "Fail" message depending on the score achieved.
  • jsu7943
    jsu7943 Community Member Posts: 25
    thank you for answer and help me Phillips


    If the button for result and the score is not the same page, how to make display the score?

  • _
    _ Community Member Posts: 84
    When you create a new Test object, Lectora will generate a new variable to track the score (see attached screenshot) - once the 'Done' button is clicked, the test will be processed and the learner's score will be written to that variable.

    You can reference this variable from any page.
  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    Just a reminder or FYI the value has to be the name of your test.  So if it's not named assessment in your Title Explorer you'll need to update it.  The default is test_1_score.
  • jsu7943
    jsu7943 Community Member Posts: 25
    Thank you all for your help :)
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