target field in Actions

ahetherington9113 Community Member Posts: 132 ☆ Roadie ☆
I've upgraded to Lectora 17.1

Has anyone noticed that the Target: field in Actions seems to be listing items in type order? ie all images together, all text items together, all buttons together... and so on.

Until now, I've been giving all of my elements a prefix, eg b_button, t_text etc so that they are easier to find in a long list, but it seems this is no longer required.

I'm very happy about this!!




  • clammers
    clammers Community Member Posts: 121 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Yes! This is very convenient - one of those simple changes which saves loads of time. We too use a naming convention to group similar elements. Having the items grouped by type makes things that much easier now.
  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    We're glad you like it @ahetherington9113 and @clammers !
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