Full screen video issue on moodle for scorm (lectora 16.2.2 and 17.0.1)


after updating lectora from 16.0 to 16.2.2, i found an issue regarding full screen video (with both native and external player embedded via html extension) in scorm(tried both 1.2 and 2004) on moodle platform.

I tried  this http://www.apixel.com/atelier/page05i.htm but it not worked.

You can see in the pictures attached the difference between  the same scorm published  in lectora 16.0 and 16.2.2 played on moodle (moodle version tested: 2.8 and 3.2).

The video is played with lectora’s native player.

I tried also the trial version of lectora 17.0 and 17.0.1 but the problem is still present and it’s very annoying.

Is there anyone who had the same problem and solved it?

Thanks in advance