Lectora 12 title not recogizing as complete in LearnUpon LMS

We are moving to a new LMS (LearnUpon) from CourseMill.  Our courses (built with Lectora 11 and 12) are currently working in CourseMill, however they will not recognize as complete in the new LMS or in SCORM cloud.   The course is built to trigger the "Process Test/Survey" for the final assessment once it has been completed.  They are then taken to a survey that also has this action associated with a submit button along with two other actions that modify variables. #1 OnMCLKModVAr-target: survey-type: set equal to-Value: complete #2 OnMClkModVar-target: AICC_Core_Lesson-Type: Set Equal To-Value: Complete.

Again, this seems to work fine in CourseMill, but not in the new LMS OR SCORM Cloud.

Any expertise would be much appreciated.

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  • klaatu
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    Try setting AICC_Score to 100 and AICC_Lesson_Status to Completed.
  • jstoutmatthews5944
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    Hi, It didn't work either.  Any other guidance would be much appreciated.  Thanks so much!
  • timk
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    Can you elaborate on how your course has been set up? There are several aspects I don't understand.

    The course is built to trigger the “Process Test/Survey” for the final assessment once it has been completed.

    What does this mean? - Normally a test is processed with an action on the last page of a test. Did you add a condition to that action?

    Your first action:

    On: Click
    Action: Modify variable
    Target: survey
    Type: set equal to
    Value: complete

    The action sets the value of a variable called "survey" to "complete". What do you use this variable for?

    Your second action:

    On: Click
    Action: Modify variable
    Target: AICC_Core_Lesson
    Type: Set Equal To
    Value: Complete

    The description of that variable advises not to modify its value. Is there a specific reason why you do that? - I'm just asking because I've never felt a need to modify that variable.

    For a Scorm 1.2 comformant course you'd need two variables to write a users progress to the LMS. AICC_Score (contains the score in % for the Assignable Unit) and AICC_Lesson_Status (contains the users status in the AU). If you have a graded test (with default settings) in your course you wouldn't need any actions to modify these variables manually.

    You only have to modify the variables if you don't have a test, if your test is not graded or if the test score is not included in the overall score.
  • jstoutmatthews5944
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    Hi Tim,

    Your guess is as good as mine. I didn't develop these courses.  I am now managing them and it's as if I'm trying to figure out the wiring for a house I didn't build.   Prior to this, I used Storyline and Articulate so I'm still learning the settings for Lectora.

    In regards to your first question. The variable that sets the survey to "complete" is used to tell the LMS that the user has completed the course.  These courses have quizzes with min. of 70% completion, but we record them in the LMS as complete/incomplete and not pass/fail.  We don't use grade percentages in our association.

    I sent the Trivantis support team my file and they responded with ..

    On: Show  Action: Modify Variable  Target: AICC_Lesson_Status  Value: usually this value is set as: completed (all lower case) Leave everything else at defaults.

    I'm going to try this first.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond and share your expertise.