Test not scoring correctly on first click

agustav Community Member Posts: 40
I'm hoping someone can help me before I start tearing my hair out!  I have built a simple, 3-question test with a submit button that processes the test once all answers are selected.  There is also a reset button that resets all questions.  The first time I run the page and answer all test questions correctly, click submit, it scores the test as zero% correct, but then immediately (as I can see it in the debug window) saves a score for the test as 100%.  It's triggering the wrong text box because the zero score is what is triggering the action.  When I reset the test and answer exactly the same way, all questions correct, it works perfectly.  Why would it not work only on the first click of submit, but work perfectly on every subsequent trial?


  • timk
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "scores as 0 and then immediately as 100". Can you elaborate on what you're trying to achieve with the score?

    Which version of Lectora is it?
    Can you share the title?
  • danam
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    I may not be totally correct, but in reading it, it may be as simple as adding 1 or 2 seconds delay on the feedback to let the score calculate.
    Make sure you have things set up to fire in a certain sequence.
    I always run the debug mode and watch which things fire when I am "pulling out the hair". It may help in the future.
    Hope it works for you.
  • jvalley4735
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    If your running the content in run or preview mode you may be running into a local caching issue as well.  Does it perform as expected when published?