Drag and drop stopped working in responsive

kraven7771 Community Member Posts: 50
This just recently happened, where on iPad and the phone the drag and drops stopped working. The Drop boxes are gone, but every time i look at my project. The drop boxes are there.

The drag and drop interactives were working fine this morning. I was able to get threw the whole course and after my latest export, they stopped working correctly. They seem to be working fine on the desktop.

Any idea what could have caused this?


  • kirkisbetter
    kirkisbetter Community Member Posts: 19
    I have found that in general, drag and drop does not work well with mobile devices.

    As a work around, I have transparent buttons on top of the items that I want to select (drag) and then also on the locations that I want to drop.  So the user has to select both buttons (in order); if they select correctly, then I have a move action that will "drop" the item into the correct location.  It is a bit of effort to make it work.  I have not tried adding any scoring to one, I have simply used it as a non-scoring knowledge check item.
  • nixthenext
    nixthenext Community Member Posts: 75
    I'm having the same problem, though I'm trying to use jquery ui's draggable...