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over the time I've acquired quite a list of reviewers and I've grouped them by company. Currently I can use the groups to invite all of its members, but I rarely want to invite all of them and I don't really see a pattern whom to invite to build my groups by projects or adressees.  I'd very much like being able to filter the "Invite Reviewers" list by my groups, so I can avoid accidentally inviting persons who are not involved.




  • lsilver
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Tim.  Until this functionality is implemented, what about creating multiple groups - one for project, one by address, etc - reviewers can belong to multiple groups so you could create a few to manage them in different ways. Or are you already doing that but need an easier way to manage it all?
  • timk
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    Most of my reviewers are translators from the same agency. The relevant reviewers change in dependence on the language. Thanks for the tip about multiple groups, maybe I'll make up groups by language.

    Only yesterday I browsed the list and found two persons with similar looking email adresses and thought, the one person should see the course and the other definitely should not. Can't I see only the reviewers from the agency? Accidentally inviting the German translator to review the French version wouldn't be too bad, but inviting someone from a different customer to review a competitors course may be... ;-)

    Thanks, have a nice weekend