Has anyone used the archiving feature within CourseMill?  If so, have you encountered any issues.  How often do you archive?


If you archived a student and they come back in and they need to be archived again, does the system handle it? Does it create a new archival database each time?


Any guidance is appreciated.


  • nhaven1609
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    For CourseMill 7.3.1, what the system will do when the user is archived a second time is insert any data into the archive tables again. If the information is already present, the information is not written.

    Almost certainly the user profile will not be written, but any courses that they have not been archive in the past will be written.

    Hope this helps answer the question.
  • bmiller2465
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    That kind of answers the question.  Honestly, is there someplace we can look to regarding information about the archiving feature?  The help documentation doesn't really say much in regards to when you should archive, who should be archive, if it's possible to be un-archived.  etc...

    @jvalley4735 Is there documentation somewhere, or someone whom we might reach out to?
  • jvalley4735
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    Here is the offical documentation (not sure if you were on that page):

    Personal recommendations include: "customers can archive users whenever they want - the site defaults to archive users who have been inactive for 2 years (730 days) - but you can set this to be any number of days. With the managed property set AND the archive schedule set to run every nite - the system will archive those users each time that job is run. It is also possible to restore anyone who is in the archive folder - you can run a general report called List of Archived Users which will tell you WHO is in the archive folder and then follow the instructions to restore that/those users."

    For any general questions, you can always contact the Support team or our general email ([email protected]) to be directed to someone at the company.