Variables in library objects

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I'm working on a template for my company and I'm trying to build some library items that can be inserted when someone creates a new page from one of the preset layouts.

The library item that I've created contains a variable "language". When I place the library object in a course where the variable already exists, it creates a new variable "language_1". It does this for every new object inserted, so none of them work together unless I go into all of the parts of the object and reset the target variable.

Is there a way to either build a library object or insert it in such a way that doesn't create a new variable when it is added?




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    We know this is a problem and are working on a solution.  If there are variables with the same name already in the title we will ask the author if they want the library object to link to the existing variables.  We are hoping to do this as part of a maintenance release.  If you have any additional thoughts on this please let us know.